The Journey Starts Here!

Many of us have spent years embarking on every weight loss diet going and spending a fortune on new routines or miracle foods. For sure there might be some short term results but have you ever wondered why inevitably they end in failure?

Quite simply this approach is not sustainable as it does not offer a healthy diet for life.

Most diets available today fail to provide this and can only work in the short term. Most followers of typical diets available today will feel tired, unwell and tend to rebound weight gain and despondency becomes inevitable.

Do you know the definition of insanity? To keep doing the same things and expect different results!

Try our approach and commit to it 100% and you will get the results you are looking for

Why is 3d-lipolite Different?

It is a myth that you can only lose weight by eating fewer calories. Calorie intake has not risen over the past 50 years whereas obesity levels have. The main reason for this is the dramatic increase in the amount of sugar we consume. You would be amazed at the amount of sugar hidden in common foods!

The secret to success is being re-educated about what food types we eat and when. If this is the case along with our support you will not only lose the weight you desire but it will enable you to sustain this position for life.

But that’s not all! Our program tackles the problem head on. We have a three dimensional approach that ensures that by following our unique weight loss plan in conjunction with our award winning technology destroying fat cells, tightening skin and breaking down cellulite and when combined with moderate exercise you can achieve fantastic results. We call this technology accelerated weight loss and body contouring.

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3D-lipo treatments

The technology used as part of the program ensures that alongside the rapid weight loss we can ensure accelerated results on targeted fat removal, skin tightening and treatment of cellulite. As everybody is different we train how a bespoke and prescriptive package of treatments can be put together across the program to ensure maximum benefit. One of the main concerns people have when losing a lot of weight is having saggy skin or an overhang but with the most up to date skin tightening technology, the 3d-lipolite program will focus on these areas to create the best aesthetic outcomes.

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3D-lipolite Diet & Nutrition

The importance of diet and nutrition on health and weight cannot be stressed enough and over the years various diets have been invented to try and deal with the problems of obesity. Low fat diets, high carbohydrate diet, high protein diets and low calorie diets on their own have all proven unsuccessful. The 3d-lipolite program provides the perfect quantity and combination of food groups with supplements, at the right times, to aid weight loss and promote health uniquely tailored to the individual.

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3D-lipolite Excercise Plan

Exercise is an essential component of the 3d-lipolite program and must be followed just as religiously as with diet and treatments. Exercise will be realistic and appropriate to the individual’s weight and level of fitness and targets will be set as part of the program. Emphasis will be on exercise that can be performed easily and safely to prevent excessive joint pressure or cardiovascular strain but needs to be regular and contain a balance of different exercises working on different areas.

Summary of program benefits

  • Personalised program
  • 3 Dimensional approach, body technologies / diet / exercise
  • Fast results
  • Re-educates the way that you think about food
  • One to one. We work with you to keep you on track
  • Clinically proven
  • Sustainable for life

Change what you do today and start seeing the results tomorrow and for the rest of your life!

Our Unique Program


Before entering the 3d-lipolite program, you will have a consultation to discuss the program in more detail, what’s involved, expectations and suitability. During this process, a medical history will be taken and consent to participate obtained.

Essentially the 3d-lipolite program involves an initial session with the practitioner to take baseline measurements and set targets. The diet and nutrition will be discussed and you will be given supplements, recipe ideas, meal and snack allowances based on our unique points system. Exercise advice will be given at the start, although experience has shown that exercise increases throughout the duration of the program as weight loss is achieved and people gain more energy and better fitness levels.

Detox Phase

The initial phase of the program is called detox which lasts 2 weeks and is stricter regarding food intake and drinks.


Maintenance Phase


The program can continue for as long as required, ideally when a perfect weight and level of fitness has been achieved. After completing the active phase of the program, it is strongly encouraged to enter the maintenance phase which consists of monthly consultations with the practitioner, ongoing monitoring, adherence to the exercise and diet regime but without the need for body treatments. The success of long-term weight loss is ongoing maintenance, support and motivation.

Active Phase

Following this, you enter the active phase which is our combination of diet, treatments and exercise with regular monitoring and follow up.

From the very start of the program, a series of treatments will be planned at weekly intervals. These will be tailored to treat areas that will benefit you the most as we know that all people are different. Treatment sessions will last about an hour each week and there is no downtime following the procedure. Treatments are very safe, effective and painless and all of the treatments will be discussed with you in detail before they take place.

The choices of technologies that are available to prescribe for the individuals needs are:

  1. Cavitation – The main tool for overall circumference reduction
  2. Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) – Ideal for targeting specific problem areas for fat removal
  3. Radio Frequency – Skin tightening for face and body
  4. Vacuum Dermal Roller – Targets cellulite and aids lymphatic drainage

The lead practitioner will see you on a monthly basis to review all measurements and for an assessment, exercise and diet will again be discussed and further tailored to your needs. The practitioner may wish to see you at other times throughout the program if there are any medical concerns or if you are not achieving the targets that have been set.